Community Events– 8th Festival del Pueblo in San Lazaro

Community Events– 8th Festival del Pueblo in San Lazaro

Contributed by Cindery Rivero and Yahaira Vega, Banquitas House of Culture

On Sunday December 8th, the Village of San Lazaro was home to the 8th Festival del Pueblo. This year’s festival was dedicated to the Maya women under the theme “XMaya Ko’olel.” Highlights of the event included a spiritual Maya ritual led by Ms. Felicita Cantun, numerous exhibitions on the history and Maya Art such as the Caste War Maya paintings, photographs, and objects used by women. In addition to the cultural dance presentations, two documentaries were shown based on the Xuunan Kaab (Bee) and U Paax K Chiibil (Maya music). Here are a few photo highlights.

This festival is coordinated annually by Mr. Hugo Carrillo with support from family and friends in the community. They have been working tirelessly to establish the first ever Yucatec Maya Museum in Belize, which will feature exhibitions of living and tangible heritage of the Northern Yucatec Maya of Belize and the region. Sign up to get our news to find out when the Museum will be opened.

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