Corozal Town Historical Walk

Corozal Town Historical Walk

Explore and learn about Belize’s most northern municipality, the coastal town of Corozal through the Corozal Town Historical Walk. The tranquil town offers a mixture of ancient Maya heritage (see neighbouring Santa Rita archaeological site), historical architecture and vibrant mural art all within a short distance. The story of Corozal Town unfolds along eight sites with the scenic tour starting at the Corozal House of Culture. The House of Culture is housed in the renovated old Public Market building. Featured are permanent and temporary historical and cultural displays. A popular attraction en route is the Corozal Town Hall building. The building features a graphical mural on events that shaped Corozal Town and the Caste War in Mexico which led the migration of refugees and settling of Corozal and Orange Walk districts in the mid to late 1800s.  

Sites with an informational board include:

  1. Corozal House of Culture (formerly Old Public Market)
  2. Her Majesty’s Prison
  3. Schofield Residence
  4. Parish Office/Priest Residence/Xavier College
  5. Corozal Town Hall
  6. Central Park
  7. Fort Barlee
  8. Ahmad’s Residence/Store

The Corozal Town Historical Walk was inaugurated in May 2017 through the efforts of the Corozal House of Culture. The self-guided tour takes about 45 minutes, guided tours are offered by local tour guides and tourism students of Corozal Junior College. For more information contact the House of Culture at 422-0071.

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