Flowers Bank Community Museum and Monument, Flowers Bank Village

Flowers Bank Community Museum

Welcome to the Flowers Bank Community Museum! This mini-museum space was opened in 2012 as a result of efforts by the Flowers Bank Village Council and the Institute for Social and Cultural Research. The main mission of the museum is to build awareness about the importance of the Belize River Valley. Featured is a permanent exhibit, “The River and its People” which highlights the uses of the Belize River from the time of the Ancient Maya to Belize’s Historic Period. The exhibit also sheds light on the cultural and historical heritage of Flowers Bank Village and its role in the 1st June 1797 Public Meeting in Belize Town. At this meeting a vote was cast to stay or defend Belize at the threat of Spanish invasion.  The vote of fourteen men from communities in the Belize River Valley swung the vote in favour to stay and defend, forever changing the course of events in Belize. This historic event is commemorated by a monument located outside the museum which features the names of fourteen men from communities in the Belize River Valley (including Flowers Bank). Each year this important event is celebrated at the Flowers Bank Village Festival held on or near 1st June.

The tiny and peaceful village is well known for its production of cohune oil which is produced within the village. With the Belize River in walking distance, an hour or two can be well spent at Flowers Bank Village. We encourage you to include a stop at the village and museum during your trip to the Belize River Valley. 

To schedule your museum visit contact the Flowers Bank Village Council at 615-5384.

For tours of the cohune oil factory or to purchase your bottle of cohune oil contact 614-4883 or 614-2884.

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