Orange Walk Town Heritage Trail

Orange Walk Town Heritage Trail

Discover and learn more about the historical heritage of “Sugah City”! The Orange Walk Town Heritage Trail is a self-guided tour that highlights historical buildings, monuments and spaces, that were established as Orange Walk grew from a small village on the banks of the New River to a major urban center. The trail can be enjoyed as leisurely one-hour stroll with a taco stop or two in between. Information boards are located at ten sites along the trail featuring historical snippets and photos.

Prior to your visit we encourage you to download the map of the trail to see the location of all ten sites. The trail begins at the Banquitas House of Culture on Main Street. The Banquitas House of Culture features a permanent exhibit on historical development of the town, historical and cultural displays, as well as locally made crafts and souvenirs. Staff members also have insider knowledge on the best dining spots in town!

Information Boards can be found at:

  1. Banquitas House of Culture
  2. Fort Mundy
  3. Sandy Hunter Library (formerly Old Hospital)
  4. Main Street
  5. La Inmaculada Church
  6. New River/Old Barracks
  7. Fire Station (formerly old Electricity Plant)
  8. Municipal Market (formerly Fort Cairns)
  9. St. Peter’s Anglican Church
  10. Central Park

The Orange Walk Town Heritage Trail was inaugurated in January 2019 as a joint initiative between the Institute for Social and Cultural Research and the Belize Tourism Board with support from the Orange Walk Town Council and community members. Maps can also be found at the Banquitas House of Culture.

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