Steeped in Tradition: 7 Belizean Teas to Try

 1) Lemongrass/Fever Grass Tea

Lemongrass or Fever Grass tea is a Belizean favourite often paired with breakfast/supper or enjoyed on its own. As the name suggests, the tea is derived from a tall, stalky plant that is easily identified by its citrusy aroma. The tea has anti-inflammatory properties and is locally used as a fever-reducer. It also aids with digestion and the lowering of blood pressure. Ms. Libertad Cal of Yo Creek Village shares how she prepares and enjoys this popular tea on her fire hearth. No fancy china required as she sips her tea from a traditional calabash cup or jicara. (P.S. We recommend adding a touch of milk for even more gloriousness).  

2) Hibiscus Tea

Also known as Flor de Jamaica, hibiscus tea is widely consumed in Central America and the Caribbean. When brewed, the tea releases a lovely red shade of the hibiscus flower. The hibiscus flower has a range of health benefits including lowering blood pressure and anti-bacterial properties. This tea makes for a refreshing summer time beverage. In this video, Ms. Florencio Castillo from Orange Walk Town shares how to prepare this cooling drink in minutes. Serve with ice and pair with your favourite Belizean snack!

3) Allspice Tea

Allspice is a commonly used seasoning that can be found in a wide range of recipes ranging from meat rubs to desserts.  The leaves of the plant are steeped and the tea is consumed to relieve common ailments such as colds, menstrual cramps, and an upset stomach. Ms. Isabel Chi from San Jose Nuevo Palmar serves us a hot cup of tasty tea paired with cinnamon rolls. Yum!

4) Avocado Leaf, Custard Apple Leaf, and Lime Leaf Tea

This tea leaf fusion uses leaves from our favourites — avocado and custard apple — combined with the leaves of lime to make a power-packed nutritious tea. Avocado leaves aid with asthma symptoms and lowering glucose levels; the custard apple leaves aid with glucose regulation in the body; and the leaf of the lime tree is known for its properties in fighting colds and respiratory conditions and aiding with digestion and constipation, among other things. Ms. Alejandra Novelo of San Jose Nuevo Palmar shares more about this tea fusion.

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