Steeped in Tradition: 7 Belizean Teas to Try

5) Soursop Leaf Tea

Soursop is on every local fruit lover’s list. The fruit is often consumed as is or as a juice. But did you know that the leaves of the soursop tree can also be steeped to make tea? The benefits of soursop leaf tea have long been known by Belizeans and extend to relieving back pain, anxiety and stress, and even insomnia. In this segment, entrepreneur and gardener Mr. Eider Romero of Orange Walk Town prepares this delicious tea in his backyard garden. Add milk and enjoy hot or cold!

6) Moringa Tea

Moringa has long been hailed as a power food! The plant is packed with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, boasting seven times more Vitamin C than oranges. The leaves of the plant can be used dried or freshly picked. Mrs. Sofia Castellaños of San Jose Nuevo Palmar sips on a warm cup of moringa tea and shares some of its nutritional value.

7) Provision Bark Tea

As the name suggests, this tea is made using the bark of a tree not the leaves. The Provision tree is also known locally as Santo Domingo. This one requires some preparation in advance as the bark should be dried 3 – 4 days before being used. The tea is used to assist with lowering blood pressure, anemia, and fatigue. For Ms. Silvina Perez of San Jose Nuevo Palmar, making and drinking the tea takes her back to her childhood days when her mother would prepare Provision Bark tea at home.

Disclaimer: We do not recommend self-treatment; Consult with a physician or a certified natural health practitioner before using the information shared to treat any condition.

Acknowledgements: Special thanks to Ms. Libertal Cal, Ms. Florencia Castillo, Ms. Isabel Chi, Mrs. Sofia Castellaños, Ms. Alejandro Novelo, Ms. Silvina Perez and Mr. Eider Romero.

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